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The Rising Fine Dining Scene in Lisbon: The Best Spots Right Now

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The Rising Fine Dining Scene in Lisbon: The Best Spots Right Now

The increasing number of tourists has forced the local gastronomy scene to shape and evolve: discover the best fine dining venues in the Portuguese capital.

Portugal has become the “it” destination for those who love to eat. And the country’s capital, Lisbon, is maybe the hotspot, the icing on the cake in this tiny nation so devoted to food. In the last years, the city has received hordes of hungry visitors willing to search into every corner of its historic neighborhoods for a good meal. And, in fact, Lisbon hides many of them.

But as tourism increases, the local gastronomy scene has been forced to shape and evolve, including great fine dining restaurants – increasingly more frequent in the city. Fine Dining Lovers selected some of them that are worth a trip in order to find out why Lisbon has become one of the best places in the world to eat now.


With a cosmopolitan ambiance, JNcQUOI is a multifunctional space located in the hip Avenida da Liberdade that brings together a grocery store, a fashion store, a book store, and, above all, a trendy restaurant. With a dinosaur skeleton positioned in the middle of the room, and surrounded by a huge wine cellar with a great selection, it serves contemporary food with a Portuguese accent (like in dishes using cod and black pork, for example). Chef António Bóia runs the open kitchen preparing from truffle tagliolini to shrimp with red curry sauce. Do not miss the delicious desserts – some made in house and others coming from Parisian pastry shop Ladurée (it’s their very first venue in Lisbon).


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