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There are many reasons to choose Portugal as a destination to live, have a home or create a business. With almost nine centuries of well-defined geographical boundaries in force in Portugal, a democratic parliamentary regime with political stability. Portugal is a member of the European Union for about 30 years and is part of the European Monetary System, using the single European currency. It is a safe country with exceptional climate and environment. Its people are welcoming. Has exceptional transport infrastructure and telecommunications. It is a privileged link between Europe, Africa and the Americas.
According to the World Bank, Portugal is the 43th largest economy in the world, with one of the highest rates of GDP growth in the last 40 years, among the OECD countries. Portugal is the 18th most peaceful country in the world in a sample of 153 countries (Global Peace Index 2013) and occupies the 33th position among 182 countries in the Transparency International (Corruption Perception Index 2013).


Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is a unitary sovereign state located in South Western Europe, where it is located in the western part of the Iberian Peninsula and islands in the North Atlantic. The Portuguese territory (including Azores and Madeira) has a total area of 92 090 square kilometers and is bordered on the north and east by Spain and the south and west by the Atlantic Ocean, comprising a mainland and two autonomous regions: the archipelagos of Azores and Madeira.

Brief History

Portugal is one of the oldest nations in Europe. In the 12th century, Portugal won its independence in relation to other peninsular kingdoms thanks to Count Afonso Henriques, who was our first king at his own will. A century later, with the conquest of Algarve, Portugal definitively established its continental border. Portugal is the westernmost country of mainland Europe. The country's name comes from its second largest city, Oporto, whose Latin name was Portus Cale. In 1910, Portugal became a republic (which originates from the Latin phrase "Res publica" ie public affairs). Most Portuguese are Catholic, but the constitution guarantees religious freedom. The Portuguese is the third most spoken European language in the world (6th in the world) and the native language of about over 280 million people. The Portuguese is also the language most spoken in the Southern Hemisphere.'s Portuguese communicate easily in English, French and Spanish. Portugal is a member of the European Union since January 1, 1986 and a founding member state of the Euro.
Lisbon is the capital and the most populous city with about 1 million inhabitants, followed by the cities of Porto and Coimbra. Portugal is a very welcoming country and very surprised by the positive in diverse cultural, social and economic aspects.


Portugal is blessed with an extraordinary climate. In the South, the number of hours of sunshine reaches reach 3300 per year in Lisbon and about 3,000. Our winters are mild and the summers hot and dry.


It is a country of friendly people, which over many centuries has become accustomed to travel across the world. The Portuguese community lies spread through Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia, and thus has its own way of relating to other people and cultures. The Portuguese people welcome foreigners as no other people being happy by contact with other cultures. It is a friendly and affable people.
Portugal is blessed with an exceptional climate with over 300 days of sunshine per year - the special light of Lisbon is in fact well known by the more famous lovers of photography.
The cuisine, another national charm, offers a multitude of colors, flavors and smells. It is rich, varied and healthy - Mediterranean nature. The Portuguese coast, offers a huge variety of fish and shellfish being recognized its unique quality. Ferran Adrià said (the 'chef' the former El Bulli restaurant with three Michelin stars), the best fish in the world is the Portuguese, or Thomas Keller, in New York, "which only consumes Portuguese fish."
Differentiated tourism offer - beach, city, mountain, islands and countryside. Portugal currently has one of the best hotel deals worldwide across all product ranges and sectors (hotels, residences, rural tourism, eco-tourism, wine tourism, hunting, etc). Prices are quite adjusted to the quality presented.
Multiple play areas - Portugal, presents vast offer in terms of leisure activities: sailing, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, snorkeling, horseback riding, horses (Lusitanian), ecotourism, wine tourism and a variety of golf courses designed by the most renowned architects , where you can play all year. Portugal is a nation with ten centuries of history by presenting a huge and diverse range of monuments, museums, theaters and other cultural facilities. For those who enjoy tennis, there are many clubs where the activity can be practiced throughout the year.
It is a remarkably safe country, where we live well, very smoothly and smoothly.
Property prices are attractive. You can make great investments with future appreciation since advised by specialists in real estate.
Location - Portugal is, a very well-positioned in the geographical point of view, being a privileged point between Europe, Africa and the Americas. Located less than three hours from several major European capitals, with several excellent international airports.
Great schools and universities - Portugal offers various international schools, namely English, USA, German, French and Swiss. Several of its top universities are highly rated internationally, located in Lisbon, Coimbra, Oporto, Aveiro, Faro, Covilhã and Minho (Braga and Guimarães).
The national infrastructure in terms of ports, airports and roads is very modern and is easy to travel between any point. Lisbon airport annually hosts currently approximately 18.5 million passengers.


Portugal has invested heavily in digital platforms, including the relationship with the State and public bodies. Today, almost all interactions are conducted via internet thus giving greater transparency, security and speed. You can create a company in less than two hours, including registration with the Social Security Authority and Tax Department. The national ATM system is the most advanced in the world, allowing the execution of large number of operations. The real estate sector offers excellent investment opportunities being possible to acquire residences in prime locations at very attractive prices. For those looking for international business, the Madeira Free Zone, offers very favorable conditions and many more advantageous parameters that Cyprus and Malta.
The Golden Visa also has a high attractiveness. There is tax exemption for 10 years to retirees who decide to change residence to Portugal.
Portugal is historically geostrategic expansion in Africa, Latin America and Central Asia platform. The Continents Africa and South America are growing strongly Portugal constituting an important platform due to its language, history and geostrategic position.
It has one of the lowest rates on real estate assets. Portugal is a growing tourist destination for congresses, on receipt of steamers and the achievement of international sporting events.
The Portuguese are versatile, flexible and capable of responding to challenges that include the need to relate to the outside.
There is quite labor-skilled labor available, including the top level, the balanced prices when compared to other European capitals.
The most recent program to attract non-resident (or natural) in the European Community citizens and who wish to obtain a residence visa for long term, valid in the Schengen area, by holding investments (real estate, financial or corporate) is the Golden Visa. About this program presented in this extensive information portal. It is a visa that allows a period of six years apply for citizenship if certain assumptions are met.